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9:30am – Fellowship, Coffee and Prayer

10:45am – Worship

77151 Hwy 21 – Covington, LA 70435

We are located on Hwy 21 north of Covington. We are on the west side of Hwy 21 about 6 miles from where Hwy 21 and Hwy 190 intersect. We are in the middle of the Waldheim Community.

What’s Hope Church Like?

When you come to Hope Church, you will find a church that loves you and is ready to help you know God. You will find a church that is far from perfect, but working on growing in the right direction. We have all sorts of people. We have little kids, youth, college age, young adults, middle age adults and older adults. We have people who love art, music, and the city, and people that are more in love with farming and country living. It is easy to find someone to connect with.

We live by grace, and treat each other with grace. We are a church that loves God’s Word and strives to teach and live it rightly. Preaching through the scriptures is important here. We encourage our people to pray, read the Word and meet with God’s people. Living out the spiritual disciplines are encouraged here.

We care about kids. We know how important it is to train them up in the ways of the Lord. So, we have the Children in Action Ministry for them.

Sunday Mornings begin with Bible Fellowship Groups and continues into worship. We begin worship with prayer, praise and then God’s Word. Come just as you are and you will find a church that welcomes you with open arms.

Biblical Teaching

It’s not our words that matter, it’s God’s. Experience weekly sermons rooted firmly in the Bible.

Authentic Worship

We strive for meaningful, authentic worship through prayer, music, and giving.


What About Kids?

Children in Action
Children in Action is a ministry that teaches children the Word of God. The whole ministry is built on memorizing scripture. Each week kids come and rotate through three stations. They go to small group to memorize and repeat their bible verses. They go to games to get a little energy out and have a lot of fun. They then go to large group for a Bible Study. The kids are rewarded with Children in Action bucks that can be redeemed when Children in Action Store is open. They love spending their Children in Action bucks. God’s Word is central in this ministry.

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